Friday, December 2, 2011

nails, nails, nails

So my decorating dilemma isn't much of a dilemma anymore...we just found out that we have to move out of our rental house by the end of the month! so no decorating for us :-(  Instead of unpacking boxes full of  xmas decorations, we will be packing up!

So instead of decorating my house I decided to decorate my nails! This way I can have the best of all worlds... Each week for the month of December I'm going to paint my nails with a different holiday theme!

Here's a peek at this weeks nails...

first I filed and shaped my nails...

then I painted 2 coats of purple pulse from Sally Hansen Complete Salon- best new nail polish...the wide brush allows you to apply an even coat fast!

once the purple polish dried, I painted a thick stripe across the tips of each of my nails with sparkle polish. (I was able to paint a pretty even line- but if you have a shaky hand- using a strip of scotch tape helps create a nice straight line)

And voila- I'm done. I have fun, funky and colorful nails!!

Check back in a week to see whats next <3

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