Sunday, February 27, 2011

onsie, twosie

So back tracking just a bit. I wanted to share with you one of my first 'crafty' projects. I've scrap booked in college, but have never really considered myself  'crafty'. However, while in Montessori training I began making a lot of classroom materials myself-as EVERY Montessori teacher does. I must admit that I enjoyed this process of 'crafting'. I felt at ease, proud, accomplished, and most importantly peaceful! Once I realized that I was a true crafter at heart, I began exploring! I dabbled with a little bit of everything- embroidery, sewing, knitting, baking and crocheting.

After creating and finishing a long list of classroom materials for training, I was exhausted- physically and creatively. I took a small break from starting any new projects but that didn't last long!

Soon after training I found out that I was going to become an Aunt! Now, of course this little creation HAD to have something hand made by his most loving Auntie- so I decided to 'enhance' a few onsies for him. I was still in the beginning stages of becoming a crafter (actually I would still consider myself at this beginner stage!) so I was unable to crochet or knit using a pattern or really even sew. My practicum site school (in Chicago) was in the midst of doing a quilt project where every child and/or parent embroidered a letter onto a fabric square which would then be made into a quilt (the saying was "with respect, grace, & courtesy; we are one community, one family"). So subsequently I needed to learn how to embroider using a few stitches in order to teach the children how!!! I taught myself the basics- the running stitch, the satin stitch, the chain stitch, etc.

With that being said, I knew that I wanted to use this new skill somehow in a project for my new nephew (B). I bought a pack of organic cotton white onsies. The organic ones were thicker than the normal onsies which will allow B to wear them as a shirt and not just an undershirt. I searched the Internet for a few baby pictures that were simple and cute that I could transfer onto the front of the onsie. I printed them out and free handed them using a pencil. I then embroidered the design using a few different stitches to give it some depth! I also added an "I heart u" to the sleeve of both.

The "M" monogram is for my nephew's last name. They kept the baby's name a secret until birth so I was unable to do his complete initials.

I must say that this project turned out very cute and I have since then made more for expecting friends/family- everyone adores them.  


  1. These onesies are very sweet : )

    I'm really looking foward to reading about your new classroom and seeing pics of your kitties!

  2. I love the "I <3 U" on the sleeve- adorable!