Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dancing fairies

So with a new room nearing the future I have been constantly (day & night) thinking of everything that needs to get done/made for it to be a success! and better yet, for it to be a reflection of me! I want my room to feel warm and be a welcoming, organized, colorful-but not over stimulating, simple environment. Does that make any sense?!

Since I am a newbie, my stash of classroom goodies is quite limited. I am still working on building up a good amount of items and I am always on the lookout for new treasures. Since I love to try new crafts, I decided to make some art to decorate the classroom for next year. I searched online for different ideas and came across a colorful fairy mobile... how montessori right!! I thought of finding the materials needed myself at the local craft store, but realized that this kit had it all! How perfect and definately reasonably priced. I ordered it and a few days later it was waiting on my doorstep!

everything you need!

It took me a few nights to complete, but the whole process was pretty simple (and of course fun). I stuffed each satin square with a ball of wool and tightened around it with craft floss.

Once all of the satin squares were transformed into fairies, I threaded gold thread (cut at varying lengths) through the tops of their heads. I then had to decide the color pattern- do I go with a traditional rainbow-type pattern or do I mix it up a bit.... I decided to go with the traditional rainbow-type pattern. The rainbow is loved by all children and I thought if I mixed up the colors it might confuse my kids!!

Once the pattern was chosen I began hanging....which was the most difficult part of the whole process. Making sure they hung at differend lengths was a bit tricky- especially since they gave me JUST enough gold thread to finish the deal. I messed up cutting one and ended up having to split another piece of thread into two pieces to make it work! But low and behold I finished and it came out perfect! I can't wait to hang it up in it's new home <3

my dancing fairies
a close up view of how they hang from wooden ring


  1. So sweet! I am excited to have another blog to add to my favorites!

  2. That's really pretty! Well done!