Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring fever!

Ahhh....I love Spring... I love how just one nice day can give you the motivation and inspiration that was missing during the dreary months of winter. This is the season where everything awakens, blossoms, and the world is decorated with color and new life! 

I've posted a few pictures of whats new in our classroom... 

water color egg painting

tissue paper eggs
This is an extremely popular work out on the shelves right now. I drew eggs on card stock and cut strips of pastel colored tissue paper for decorating. I also provided a glue stick and scissors-so everything the child needs is on the tray. The child is then free to decorate their egg any way they please. Many of the children have made several of these and they love to come up with different designs! 

Another addition to our shelves is an extension of the sensorial work- the geometric solids. With the end of the year quickly approaching, I find myself constantly trying to keep with the third year children- making sure they are challenged! I put out the geometric solids and a tray with blue playdoh next to them. They are then able to choose a geo solid and sculpt it out of the playdoh. This is a great way to get the children interested in the solids once again! It can also be modified depending on the child's capabilty (as are most of Maria's materials!)

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures- these were taken with my phone as I had forgotten my camera at home

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