Wednesday, July 27, 2011

contest! I love contests!

Being new to the blogosphere can be a tad overwhelming! There are SO MANY wonderful blogs....there isn't enough time in the day to go through them all.

One of my favs though is Her photography is amazing and her crafts are great! She does anything and everything- from refurb to baking to crafts to sewing. Her blog is easy to follow/navigate and her ideas are endless! She has inspired me to make my own blog that much better.

Today she announced that she is holding a contest! Ooohhh I like contests! So I decided to join.

She recently celebrated her 3rd year blogging and as a tribute she uploaded all of her past headers into one post. It was pretty neat to see all of the different headers she's created- they were all so fun and unique!

Anyway...the contest requirements are to create a header for her blog.

That's it!

That simple.

You just need to make it roughly the same size as her current one (it can be a different shape). You can use any picture/pictures off her blog and any font type/size you desire. Then you download a picture of it onto her group flicker account. Take a's only day 1 and there are some pretty neat headers already entered!!

Here are my creations.

made header #2

You like?!?! You should enter too and maybe you can win! 

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