Tuesday, July 19, 2011

quick bliss

I recently bought this adorable vase from Ikea and have been picking flowers from my little garden (and I mean little) nearly every other day to fill it! I hate how my flowers last for weeks outside but only 2 days once I pick them. So I began searching for ideas. I don't like the look of fake anything decorating the house- but I came across these fabric flowers and thought they were adorable!

They are SO easy and fast- making 3 of them only took 20 minutes... how's that for quick bliss!

I used 100% cotton scraps (it was all that I had) and I think if I used a little lighter of a blend they would have more of a flowy look to them, but instead they look a little stiff. But I like that look for now. I also did each flower with different size fabric strips, the orange was two strips of 2"x"16; the pink was one strip of 3"x18" with a wave cut into the top; and the yellow was one strip of 1"x20".

I used skewer sticks for the stems and kept them the natural wood color. I cut each stick at a different length and displayed on our shelves in the living room. They are a great addition to my lovely red couches!

I plan on making a few more once I gather more fabric scraps.

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