Friday, September 2, 2011

everything happens for a reason

You always hear people saying "everything belongs" or "everything happens for a reason"... mostly during trying/hard times... but I am a true believer of this! You may not always know why something happens, but eventually you figure it out and it all makes sense.

With that being said, my hubby and I were driving home from mountain biking last Wed. night and he missed our exit. This meant that we had to go a different way home... and take a side road we wouldn't have taken if we had gone the right way. About a mile in on the side road, there in the middle of our lane are 2 baby kittens!! Me, being the ultimate animal lover, screamed "OMG pull over!!" and I jumped right out. These poor babies were sitting, crying and shaking... oh it just broke my heart. I scooped both of them up and wrapped them up in a blanket I had in the trunk of my car. I sat in the car trying to calm them down while my husband combed the nearby woods with a flashlight- looking for mommy or more kittens.

After a long 20 minutes and no mommy found, we decided to take the kittens home with us and go from there. I rummaged through our garage and found an oversized bin that I transformed into their new home and the husband ran to get KMR (kitten's milk) and kitten wet food. They were crying non -stop!

Finally the food arrived and they went to town! After their bellies were full, they fell right asleep...I'm sure they were exhausted from their ordeal.

Now came decision making time... to drop them off at a shelter or to not?! Hhhmm...I called around to all of the no kill shelters in my area and unfortunately they were all full. (kitten season?!) I was having a really hard time dropping these fragile little beings off at the SPCA- even though I KNOW they do all that they can- I just couldn't imagine them being locked in a metal cage! So...

I decided to hold on to them for the weekend and try to find them a home myself. (I did want to keep them, however, I have 2 kitties of my own and I'm sure they wouldn't be happy sharing our attention with another 2 little ones!) Low and behold, a day later- several emails and FB updates, I found them both a home! YAY! and these homes are both very close friends of mine- so I can continue to have a relationship with them :-)

I took them to the vet and everything checked out great! They are both females, 4 weeks old, and negative of any diseases. Phew!

I've been taking care of them and will give them to their new homes as soon as they get their first round of shots (which is in a week). It's been a lot of work, especially since school started this week- but it's been very rewarding. They are loving, cuddly, and of course extremely playful! They have outgrown their bin, so my husband created a living area for them in our garage using old pieces of wood and blankets (they are living in the garage because I don't want to bring them around my loves without having them vaccinated).

Kitten #1 (grey, med. hair):

Kitten #2 (brown with black stripes, short hair):

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