Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I spy...

Remember how I told you I had a fun to-do for you all! Well it's finally here...

My version of the 'I spy' bottles.
I bought 4 lock lid Tupperware from JoAnn's (on sale!) and I knew as soon as I saw them that they were perfect for 'I spy' bottles. I've seen several versions of them floating around the blog world and on pinterest and wanted to make my own...I even saw them for sale at Becker for $20!!! Yikes!

So here's what to do...

Color some rice (click HERE for a great tutorial), fill the Tupperware with rice (almost full-leave enough room for the child to be able to shake the rice around) and find small enough objects to hide in the rice. I have only made 2 so far...

One with red rice and small alphabet beads (there's also 1 hiding in there with a heart on it and the kids love it when they find it!)

One made with orange rice and 8 small 3 letter word objects. In it I've hidden a pig, cow, key, pot, hat, nut, dog, and ant.

To make a paper trail, I made 2 sheets for the alphabet bottle- 1 with 26 blanks for the child to write in each letter they find and then another sheet with the letter and a blank next to it so the younger children can check off each letter as they find it. For the 3 letter word bottle I have 8 blanks for them to write in each word as they find the object. (this one is for children who are writing and spelling 3 letter words)

These have been a big hit in the classroom!! I plan on making 2 more bottles; one with 4 letter word objects and one with numeral beads (1-20).

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  1. This is fantastic. I'm going to try and make this for my toddler. Thanks for sharing.