Sunday, September 18, 2011

*sweet dreams: a child's pillowcase tutorial

Phew, am I glad the first week of full day school is over! I think the beginning of the year is the most exciting- but also the most difficult. You're getting to know your new children (and since my room was brand new, I had 12 new kids!), finishing up last minute prep work, and meeting new parents. You're also trying to memorize 20 names, plus 40 parent names!

This summer was my first summer off (away from school/summer camp) and I was very surprised when I had a hard time going back to work. I felt like I forgot everything! (even though I didn't really, it just took some time to get back into the swing of things) The first week was a bit difficult and extremely busy, but I know things are only going to get better.

Anyways, that was a nice recap of my crazy week- but lets get to the real purpose of this post...

I'm proud to announce that my nephew just started Montessori School!! I'm so happy and I know Montessori will be a wonderful fit for him. With that being said, he will be napping there and my sister informed me that she just bought him a small pillow (just his size!) but he doesn't have a pillowcase- poor guy! Well don't worry, Auntie Jess will fix that! Since I was crunched for time- I used left over fabric that I had from my burp clothes and an old white T-shirt (compliments of the hubs!).

This was one of my first sewing projects I did without following a tutorial or pattern- so there were a few mess ups! I know, I know, you're probably thinking "Umm aren't you just making a pillowcase?!" and the answer is yes, however I wanted to make it look more professional, and along the way I made a few mistakes!

The great thing about sewing is- you can always take the stitches out!! Thank goodness right?!

So here's what I did:

Child's pillowcase tutorial

1. My nephews pillow was 14'' x 20'' so I decided to make the pillowcase 18'' x 25''. I cut out a rectangle measuring 18.5'' x 43''.

2. Fold the piece of the fabric in half (right sides facing each other) so that you have a rectangle measure 18.5'' x 21.5''. Press.

3.Sew up the sides of the fabric- leaving 4.5 inches of the fabric un-sewn on one side of pillowcase. Turn pillowcase right side out.

4. Using an old white T-shirt, lay it flat and measure 18.5'' from the fold on the left bottom side of the shirt and 4.5 inches up the shirt. (it will be doubled because you are cutting through both sides of the t-shirt). Cut. 

5. Pin right sides of t-shirt and fabric together so that the ends are flush at the top. Making sure to wrap shirt around the end that is sewn all the way up. The open ends of the t-shirt should line up with the opened side of fabric.

6. Sew along the top, all the way to the ends of the fabric.

7. Turn pillowcase inside out and finish sewing up the unfinished side of fabric and t-shirt.

8. Turn pillowcase right side out and for a more finished look, top stitch next to where the t-shirt meets the fabric.

Now you have your pillowcase! It looks more professional because of the finished edge the old t-shirt provides and the top stitch added where the 2 fabrics meet! Please let me know if you have any questions (I'm new at writing tutorials, so my directions may not make the most sense!). 

Sweet dreams my little nephew!

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