Saturday, October 15, 2011

a new year, a new program

Two years ago my school had 3 classrooms... this year we just opened it's 5th (and last) three-six year old classroom- my room!

Since the school has expanded so much- there has been more need for an afternoon program for the younger children who aren't in Pre-K or Kindergarten. We have morning class (mixed age groups) until 11:45am- then the AM children dismiss, the Pre-K's (3 afternoons/wk) and K's (5 afternoons/wk) combine into their respective classrooms. From 11:45-1:00 the children have lunch and recess. Then at 1pm the afternoon classes begin and go until 2:45 (Pre-K) or 3:00 (K).

I know it sounds confusing and it is A LOT... but stay with me...

Now with that being said, there are some 3 year olds who don't leave at 11:45....and the children in Pre-K only have it 3 times a week- either M,W,F or M,T, they don't have Pre-K that day they either go home at 11:45 or they stay ... with me! In our new program called Extended Day (from 11:45-2:45pm)!

It's a brand new program and it's mine and it's been going wonderfully! I love it!! I do have some help- we hired a girl to help me out from 11-3 (sometimes later if needed for afterschool) and she is amazing! She is motivated, fast, and is great with the kids. She has a lot of wonderful ideas and I couldn't have been luckier.

The number of children differs slightly each day- but I have about 7 children who join me everyday. Mondays and Fridays are my slow days (about 9-12 children), but Tuesday-Thursday we have about 17-19!! (most of them being 3 year olds!) 

On Mondays we have Art with our Art teacher (this is my prep time), Tuesday - Thursday we have working time, and Friday is FUNDAY FRIDAY with a special food/cooking project and group games!

I will try my best to post regularly about Extended Day to let you in on how it's going and what we're up to.

A quick peek and an Eric Carle tribute...

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