Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a peak inside...


Up until now- it's been hard to believe it's Fall.... with 75-80 degree weather it feels more like summer! Although this week we have been slowly cooling down into the 60's.

I'm am a pure lover of summer...but I must admit that the cool, crisp air and the soft blue skies have been quite enjoyable.

I thought I'd give you a quick peak inside the classroom so you can see what we're doing to celebrate the change of season!

Ghost handprints.

Our art table fall centerpiece (notice the perfect pinecones!) 

Tong work with skeletons.

Pumpkin sorting.

Halloween tree. I bought this from Target in the dollar section! What a steal (although I think it was really $2.50- but still!) It came with 8 or 9 little ornaments (ghosts and bats) to hang on the tree. The children LOVE this work.

Make your own Jack-O-Lantern! This is work is on the shelf in the art area. See below for tray set up.

Halloween fingerprint scene. 

This is on the shelf in the art area. On the tray I have stamp pads, sponge (for cleaning fingers in between colors), 1/2 sheet white papers, black marker, and a 'sample' picture that I made and laminated as a guide for the children. The children are encouraged to make a Halloween scene using their fingerprints and black marker.

(my sample sheet) I apologize for the flash glare!

Bracelet weaving. I used the top of a plastic pencil case and wrapped black yarn around the center 4 times and tied it together on the bottom. Then attached the orange yarn with a large plastic needle on the end. For the little ones I double up the yarn so they can't lose the yarn from the needle- but for the older ones I just use a single string of yarn. If the yarn comes out of the needle- it's good hand/eye coordination and fine motor practice!

Over, under, over, under... then back... over, under, over, under...

That's all for now!

Happy Fall <3

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  1. I just found your blog (through Pinterest), and it's just precious. I'm going to school to be a teacher, and your classroom and ideas are so cute. Also, I totally relate on the sewing front...I'm new to it as well. Good Luck!

    Thank you for sharing all of this!