Sunday, November 20, 2011

give thanks for the night sky

Hi! I'm sorry I've been MIA- Parent/Teacher conferences consumed my life the last 2 weeks! Phew... am I glad those are over with. They were my first ones I've ever conducted by myself as the lead teacher. Many of my Parents are new to the school (and new to me!), so I didn't really know what to expect from them...

...needless to say I was a little anxious. However, they all went great and I had a lot of wonderful feedback from all of the parents :-)

Now here's a peek at whats going on in my room this month...

make your own cornucopia

turkey feather buttoning
(I made this over the summer and couldn't wait to break it out!)
dot painting 'thankful' leaves

Of course we're all about Thanksgiving...but we're also learning about the night sky. I've decided to touch briefly on the sun, moon, planets, and constellations. I didn't have much on these topics so I was busy making new materials and gathering ideas online.

The first week we talked about the sun, moon, and earth. I made picture card necklaces for each and sung the sun, moon, and earth song in circle. I got the idea from my montessori journey blog.

The second week we talked about the planets and our solar system. I printed and laminated the planets and introduced a new song...."The Family of the Sun". (I love these interactive songs because it gets the children up and moving and involved and they end up learning a lot more!) *I will update this post with the lyrics of this song*

make your own solar system (this was super popular!)

The third week we talked about constellations and I introduced the names of a few; The Big Dipper, Cancer, Leo the Lion, and Aries.

lacing stars

"how to draw a star" step by step work

drawing constellations: I drew and laminated 3 different constellations then poked holes where the stars were. The children color in the holes and connect the dots to create their own constellation to take home.
That's all for now! I promise to be sooner than later with a little sewing project I've been working on...
please message me if you have any questions!

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