Friday, November 25, 2011

secret santa

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

I wanted to stop in real quick and share with you a little something I made for my secret santa.

In my family we do 2 secret where we make a present and one where we buy a present.

I picked my sister to make for... how fun!! I knew right away what I wanted to make.... the ruffle tote from V and Co. I saw this tutorial and thought it was so cute!! I ordered the ruffle fabric (in 2 colors!! steel orchid and charcoal cascading ruffle...I plan on making myself a tote and a skirt) and went to the store to get the rest of my 'ingrediants'...I even splurged and FINALLY bought a rotary cutter and a cutting mat! (If you do not have these tools- GO GET THEM... it made cutting so much easier and 10x's faster)

This tutorial was very easy to follow and my tote came out great!! The ruffle fabric was a little tricky- but definitely manageable...hey... if I can do it- you can do it.

I also made the flower by following Vanessa's flower corsage tutorial. While making the flower I remembered how much I disliked the glue gun- the never ending webs of glue and stick to everything..ugh! But... the end result was worth it!

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