Sunday, November 6, 2011

THE pound cake

I must warn you that this will be the best pound cake you will ever have AND it will be addicting AND it is no way, shape, or form low fat...beware.

I got this recipe from a mother at my old school in Chicago. She used to make it and bring in a slice for each teacher! MMmm

What you'll need

3 sticks of butter, softened
8 oz. cream cheese
3 cups of sugar
6 eggs
3 cups of flour
1 TB pure vanilla extract

What to do

1. whip butter and cream cheese together
2. add sugar and beat well on high until light and fluffy
3. starting with 2 eggs, then 1 cup of flour, alternate adding eggs and flour, mixing well in between each addition
4. add vanilla extract and mix well
5. grease and flour a bundt pan and carefully pour in batter
6. place in a cold oven
7. turn oven on to 325 degrees and bake cake for 1.5 hrs

*this is a moist, dense cake, so insert a toothpick in the middle to see if the cake is done. It should come out relatively clean. Let cool briefly then turn out of pan.

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