Monday, October 31, 2011


Let me start off by saying that I LOVE dressing up! so.... that makes Halloween one of my FAVORITE holidays.

I always like to be something different each year (or else it gets too boring!), however, I've compromised with having 3 different costumes. This way, I stay true to the Montessori 3 year cycle (and no kid sees my in the same costume the whole 3 years they're in my class).

Last year I was Cat in the Hat which was a huge hit. So I knew that I needed to step it up if I wanted to continue my awesome costume streak.

I knew I wanted to semi make my costume and... be something 'child-related' (being a teacher and all)... so... I decided on Mary Poppins!

I made my bow tie, hat and skirt... I know that's not very homemade- but it was the best I could do. I made my bow tie with red felt, a glue gun, and a pin (very easy- took me 10 mins).

I made my skirt using navy blue, light weight fabric and black elastic. I used Dana's Circle Skirt Pattern and it was so simple! Thanks Dana.

As for the hat, I bought a black hat from the party store and glued daisies on it using a glue gun- also very simple.

I had black shoes and black stockings. I borrowed a long black jacket from sister (thanks!), and bought a white button down shirt from Walmart (the kids section! $8.99). Oh and I had white gloves from a previous costume.

I put my hair in a low bun, gave myself some rosy red cheeks and red lips and voila! Mary Poppins.

(don't mind my morning coffee!)

All of the adults at school got a kick out of my costume...but unfortunately only a few of my children knew who Mary Poppins was! Am I that old?! Or does this new generation not watch classic Disney movies?!

Oh well... what to be next year?

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