Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the first day of Christmas...

Merry Christmas! Steve and I are down in VA visiting his dad and mom. We are enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures and of course the delicious food! MmmMmm

I wanted to save this post for Christmas day as it is a "Partridge in a Pear Tree"!

I got a bird pattern from Spool (same place I got my sewing machine snuggy pattern) and decided to use some of my left over pear fabric (from one of my many aprons!) to make a fun ornament for the tree- the tree we don't have up this year :-(

The pattern was pretty simple- although I did get stuck on step 2 when it asked me to sew the 1 side of the belly to the outside fabric but starting at the tail- lining it up was not working out!! But with a little trial and error I got it (this could have just been from my sewing inexperience- you might be just fine!).

But just in case...I took some pictures along the way so you have a visual!

I braided some craft floss together and made a loop at the top of the bird to hang it. I also had the hubs search out back for the perfect twig for my little birdie to sit on. I hot glued it and hand sewed it on.

It turned out adorable....even Lincoln loved it!!

The whole thing took about an hour (from start to finish)...not bad for a quick little project!

enjoy your xmas day <3


  1. What a sweet little partridge! I've tried to make them before, and they just turn out sort of blobby. Great job and adorable fabric!


  2. Thanks Allyson...I plan on making more next year for xmas present toppers! You should try making one from this pattern- I bet you'll have better results :-)