Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sewing machine snuggy

The temperatures are definitely beginning to drop and winter is right around the corner. I've broken out my winter coat and all that goes with it...hat, gloves, scarf. It only seemed fitting to make my sewing machine a little something to keep it warm...

a sewing machine snuggy.

I first spotted this idea at a new adorable craft shop called Home Made. It's located off of Route 9 down the shore (meaning the Jersey Shore) and it's where my Mom goes for all of her crafting needs. While I was visiting the fam for Thanksgiving we went to visit and I fell in LOVE with everything!! This shop was every craft lovers dream! Of course I had to buy some fabrics because they were all so beautiful- but the only way I could justify it to myself was if I had a project in mind to use them for. As I walked around the shop- eyeing up everything... I spotted these sewing machine covers in the back "studio" (where Julie offers/holds a variety of classes) and asked how she made them. Julie directed me to a friends website called Spool where I could download the free pattern! Check it out! Well, there you go... so I bought a few fabrics, came home, and went to work.

The pattern was super easy to follow and the whole project only took me a little over an hour (I would categorize myself as a slow sewer). I got to use my rotary cutter and mat again- which is always fun! I also did not make my own pattern out of paper (as the directions suggested)- I just drew it on my fabric using white fabric chalk.

At first, the snuggy seemed a little 'too snug', but with time the fabric has stretched a bit and it fits much better now.

This is definitely an improvement from the thin, ripped vinyl cover that originally came with my machine :-)

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