Thursday, January 12, 2012

white tailed deer

I thought that after the Holidays things would slow down a bit... but I guess it was just wishful thinking! The children have calmed down since the Holidays, but the work itself is still in full swing. The first year of teaching is definitely the hardest! I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up with making new materials/work. I have already started a list of works I want to make/put together during the summer for my room next year.

This month we are learning about white-tailed deer...and having our school right in the park, our children are lucky enough to see the real thing right outside our windows!

our white tailed deer hand prints
(brown paint, googly eyes, black and brown markers, and mini white pom poms for tail)

I printed 2 pictures of a deer in winter- laminated one whole and cut up the other and laminated. This is a simple way to make custom puzzles!

Parts of a white tailed deer booklet. The children can then make their own book to take home. In the book each page highlights a different part of the deer (antlers, eyes, ears, throat, hooved feet, belly, white tail, and coat) 

white-tailed deer tracing

object to picture matching (objects from Michaels)

Teaching the children the different names of the deer: doe, buck, fawn

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  1. I love all of these ideas. Those deer are so cute. I don't plan to work in a Montessori environment, but I love the creativity in all of your ideas and plans, and I am looking forward to incorporating similar plans into my own units.

    Thanks for sharing!