Wednesday, February 1, 2012

*hanky holders*

Hi all! Just wanted to share with you a little project we've been working on in the classroom. I got the idea from a fellow Montessori teacher at my school and thought it was a great project for cold and flu season! Sewing "hanky holders" - a cute way of saying tissue holders!

All you need is felt, craft thread, scissors, a needle, and tissues!

Pictured above is how I presented this work on the shelf (there is 1 for each child in the class). It was a lot of prep work- but the outcome was so cute and the children really loved it- which makes it all worth it! (they carry them around in their pockets- always prepared for a runny nose)

I cut rectangles of felt out with pinking shears and then a small heart (for their initials)...

Folded and ironed the ends to meet in the middle...

Embroidered their initials on the small hearts and glued them on to each felt rectangle...

Then to make it a more independent work, I dotted along the edges to show where the stitches needed to be.

And the final look- complete with tissues and all!

It's amazing how well the children can sew! Some of the little ones surprised me- able to thread their own needle! I also took this opportunity to teach the Kindergartners how to tie a knot in the end of their thread- they were so proud when they finally did it :-) 

Since this sewing project was such a success- stand by for our Valentines Day project...

<3 have a great week! 

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