Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the mitten: a sequence story

So I must admit that this is not my idea, nor do I have it in my classroom! (although next year I will)
I love walking around my school and peaking inside every one's room to see what they're up to and I happened to stumble upon this great idea in my friends classroom.

It's a sequencing work that goes along with the children's book The Mitten by: Alvin Tresselt. (there is also one written by Jan Brett)

What you'll need:

You can introduce this work in a small group....read each page and then act it out using the objects...

The first page introduces the boy as he walks through the forest gathering wood- you can then take the little boy and gather the twigs onto his sled...

Oops the boy dropped his mitten...

"Now, how a boy could do this on the coldest day of winter I'll never know, but that's the way my grandfather tells the story."

It goes through a sequence where a variety of forest animals come across this cozy mitten and squeeze their way in...

(as the book progresses- add each animal to the mitten as it's introduced)

and just when you think there is no more room...

""No room! No Room!" cried the animals even before the bear had a chance to speak.
"Nonsense!" said the bear. "There's always room for one more."
And without so much as a please or thank you, he began crawling into the mitten.
He put his paw in first, and the mitten creaked and groaned.
He put his other paw in, and one of the seams popped.
Then he took a deep breath and pushed himself in."

and last but not least- one tiny little cricket... and RIP- the mitten explodes!

The animals get thrown about in the snow and all that remains are the bits and pieces of the boys mitten...

....the boy realizes he lost his mitten, but by the time he comes back for it...it's too late!

"And my grandfather says he never did know what really happened to his mitten."

It's an adorable story and an even more adorable work! It's amazing to watch the children actually act out the whole story- in correct sequence :-)

have a wonderful week <3

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