Monday, April 16, 2012

terrariums and such

So it's been a bit since I've stopped by (I wonder how many of my posts start off with this statement?!)- but I assure you I'm still around, alive and doing well :-)  Truth of the matter is we're doing really well- we finally found a house and are waiting for settlement!!! It was a looooong 6 months of hunting but well worth it. It will be another long 3 months of waiting for settlement but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the meantime I have been busy wrapping up the school year and trying to fit in tidbits of craftiness along the way....

We celebrated"Father's Day"- well I actually came down with that awful stomach bug the day before and was out of commission for the celebration and the 2 days after... but I heard it was wonderful :)

We finished studying animals in winter and moved to study the red-tailed hawk along with celebrating St. Patrick's Day. (I took plenty of pictures and had every intention of sharing- but time got the best of me!)

I finished up my last round of P/T conferences and am on the home stretch to graduation!

As for home life- Steve and I have stumbled upon an amazing outdoor/indoor garden studio that we adore.... called Terrain at Styer's. If you like anthropologie- you'd LOVE terrain! They are a bit pricey- but it's a great place to get ideas.... and...if you find stuff on sale it's a pretty good deal. I've collected a few things since our initial love connection...

This soap dish I paid full price for- but fell in love with it at first sight! It's going to look wonderful in my powder room :)

This cow door stop I bought online on sale and it is truly sublime! It's wrought iron and has a family of cows on it- so me!

This wall hanging tear drop terrarium I bought at full price- but it was totally affordable and adds a peaceful aura to our living space.

These terrariums Steve and I made! So cool right?! We took a terrarium workshop this past weekend and it was such a fun, funky date-day activity. He made the one with the woodland plants and I made the one with the succulents.

Creating terrariums is so addicting- I want to make another one! Stay tuned as I plan to have a terrarium workshop party this summer after we settle in to our new home <3

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