Monday, May 7, 2012

spring fling... derby style

This past weekend we had our school's annual fundraising event...the Spring Fling. This is the only fundraising we do- so you can imagine that we go ALL OUT!! The parents donate all sorts of items to make this night possible. Everything from the country club rental, to silent auction baskets, to live auction items. This years theme was the Kentucky Derby and derby attire was 'encouraged'!

You know what that means- crafting time. I had to make sure I had a chic hat to match my chic chic dress I borrowed that is- because with the new home purchase- frivolous spending has been put to a hault! (thanks dear)

I scoured the internet for inspiration...

made a few trips to Michael's and JoAnn's with my dress in tow...

and voila beautiful derby hat emerged!

I used black, teal, and gold feathers along with a peacock feather and some black ribbon. I arranged the feathers into a decorative bunch and used the ribbon to make a few added details. I stitched a running stitch and pulled the thread- gathering the ribbon. Then sewed the ends together making a little flower-like detail. I then folded the ribbon a few times (like a waterfall) and glued the ends to make another decorative feature for the hat. I looked for some black netting to add- but had a hard time finding it in my time crunch (I decided last minute that I was going to make my own hat!). But in the end I was satisfied :-)

On a not so happy note- our school has had a break out of the rotovirus- so the next few days will be spent with a closed school and tons of bleach! We are all going in to clean and sanitize EVERYTHING and those of you who know Montessori know that there are thousands of teeny, tiny objects/materials to get to. It's a big job...wish me luck!

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