Monday, July 23, 2012

Sir Winston

Hi all.... happy summer :-)

I'm so excited, busy, overwhelmed, happy, and thankful! We have officially moved in. Phew... that was the hardest move yet (each time we accumulate more c-r-a-p!)We are pretty much unpacked, but are still finding out what works best where and I'm sure we'll move things around 8 times before we figure it all out. I still have yet to hang up anything- no pictures/artwork/decorations....I really want to take my time setting up the house and don't want to jump the gun on anything (although I'm planning my hubbies 30th bday party at the house so it DOES need to be done by September). I have been keeping busy taking care of our 1 acre yard, painting, furniture shopping, working part time (as a nanny), and volunteering! Oh and.... being a puppy mom!! I'm thrilled to announce we have officially adopted a puppy :-)

Meet Sir Winston....

This summer I started volunteering with a local no-kill animal rescue organization called All 4 Paws-  where I help out with puppy bathes, cleaning kennels, working adoption events, and fostering! Hence, our newest addition. You know you can't foster your first puppy and not keep him ;-)

Well it did help that he was an amazing dog who is extremely laid back and easy going- he fit right in! He started off extremely shy- but has slowly opened up and his personality is the cutest. He came in not knowing how to go up the stairs or play with a toy :-(  But with a little bit of patience and love he is learning and having a blast. He now knows how to sit, stay, and come!

Since he's a rescue pup his heritage/age is unknown, but we guess he is about 6 months old and a shar-pei, lab, pointer mix. The cats have adjusted well- Lola could care less about him- but Lincoln still hisses and warns Winston to not come too close-but in time I'm sure they'll be cuddle friends.

There's something special about a rescue animal- somehow they know you've rescued them and they are forever thankful. We are expecting our next foster dog this weekend and I will keep you posted how he/she adjusts to our family :)

*please visit the website to see all available animals in need of loving furever homes!* <3

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