Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the 's' sisters

Sheryl and Sherry: fosters 2 &3

Sweet sisters too small to play with poor Winston... they were too scared of their big foster brother- but they were fantastic lap puppies- which puts a smile on my face :) Winston's feelings weren't too hurt as long as his mommy took him for some special mommy and me time at the dog park!

Sheryl and Sherry are 6 month old female terrier mix puppies who were rescued from down South. We were lucky enough to help them with their journey to their forever home!

Having 2 fosters along with Winston and of course Lincoln and Lola- well let's just say the husband was thinking we lived at a zoo! (which I know that this does not qualify us as zookeepers- I grew up with 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 hamsters, 2 rabbits, 2 mice, and 2 guinea pigs)

Having 2 foster dogs was never talked about- it just kind-a happened....It was a transition for me to learn how to walk all THREE dogs at the same time. I'm sure my neighbors were looking at me and thinking I was a crazy person the first few times I did it- crazy dogs with tangled leashes :) But with some time and teaching- we were down to walking all three leashes in one hand (with the other hand free to carry all three poop bags of course- yuck!)

Sheryl and Sherry were only with us for a short time- a little over a week. The 2 lucky ladies found a wonderful woman who recently lost her beagle and who was looking for a smaller pup to cuddle with... well she found TWO to cuddle with!

I was thrilled the girls went together to their furever home- because they were attached at the hips!

<3 will be back with some updates on school!

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