Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the new room

So the reveal is here! I have finally finished (well it's a constant work in progress) my room and am ready to share with you the before/after pictures. I have been going into school about once a week this summer- unpacking, organizing, cleaning, making materials, etc.! Starting from scratch was a lot of fun, but scary too. I have a lot of experience unpacking (from all of our moves) that I knew to tackle one area at a time- this way I didn't feel too overwhelmed.

I ordered my furniture from community playthings and the bulk of my materials from montessori outlet. I also ordered materials from montessori n' such, lakershore learning, and montessori services. All of these vendors were amazing and delivered quality materials! I haven't had any problems thus far. A few items are backordered from montessori outlet- but what are you going to do!

I will post up a list of all of the items I ordered in case anyone needs help starting a room from scratch!

The next few pictures are before pictures and while I was working...
Above is a picture of the very first day! Those boxes are only the furniture.

This was my attempt at organizing everything as I opened it! I placed the item in the correct area of the classroom regardless if it was going on the shelf at that moment or not. I then went through and placed the materials on the shelf and stored any unused materials in a bin. (I made a bin for each area of the classroom to keep unused materials organized and easily accessible for switching things out during the year).

and finally, the reveal...... (please click on any of the pictures to make them larger)

Above is the view of my room when you walk into the door. It shows my practical life area, snack area (with my homemade mobile hanging- see how to make it here), and some of sensorial. 

Above is my sensorial, geography, and science area.

Above is my math area, with my cubbies on the back wall to the left.

Above is my art/computer area, with my language area in the background.

Above is the view from my snack area. You can see the whole right side of the classroom, with my easel, whiteboard, and most importantly my branch hanging from the ceiling. I found this branch last spring in the Valley Forge park and knew exactly what I needed it for. It was a neat shape and had pieces of bark peeling off of it revealing a lighter color underneath. It was beautiful and it was perfect for my new room. I plan on hanging fishing wire from it with paper clips attached to the ends so that I can display the children's work from it. 

And finally here is a view of all of my storage/cabinet space!! Aren't I a lucky girl! There is a child's size sink at the end near the snack table.

A few of my favorite decorations in my room are...

My colored alphabet hanging on my whiteboard. I got these letters from handwriting without tears which is a program my school uses to help teach our little ones how to write. I laminated them and them hung them with magnets in my language area. 

My white hanging planter that I bought from Ikea this summer... Isn't it adorable!

My branch hanging from the ceiling over my art table!

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