Thursday, December 8, 2011

snowflake ornament: a gift

Hi! I wanted to stop in real quick to share what I've been up to... I have a few projects on my plate right now- but with the Holidays quickly approaching I wouldn't expect anything different.

The big project right now is making my kids (and by 'my kids' I mean my students) their Christmas (Oops I mean Holiday) presents. As with my Halloween Costume- I'm on a 3 year rotation (just like the Montessori way) with my presents to the children. I always want it to be something that I make- but something that will be both, cost and time effective. Last year I crocheted little stocking ornaments...

This year I decided to crochet snowflake ornaments! I found the pattern on Aesthetic Nest and thought they were so adorable. She uses them as gift toppers- but I thought they would work out just fine as ornaments. They take about 30 minutes each, and I don't consider myself a fast crochet-er, especially when I have this little one constantly stealing my yarn...

But they are turning out so adorable!! I can't wait to give them out to my little ones :-)

I think I may soak them in a glue/water solution with glitter to make them stiff and add a lil sparkle! I'll let you know how that all works out.

12 down, 8 more to go...

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