Monday, February 20, 2012

settling in...temporarily

So we've made the move and things have started to settle down. Everything went smoothly, we had beautiful weather, and the best thing- we had enough room for all of our stuff!! Downsizing from a single family home with 1300+ sqft to a 2 BR 900 sqft apartment was a bit scary and I was doubting that all of our things were going to fit! One BR is stocked FULL of boxes and randoms- literally floor to ceiling! (I'd show you a picture- but it is NOT a pretty sight and every time I open that door I get a waft of anxiety) I'd say we only unpacked 1/5 of our stuff. The other 4/5 is packed and stacked in our "storage room". I was pretty stingy when packing up our 'open now boxes' and wish I would have kept out a few more things- I have to run the dishwasher often so that we have enough dishes and I'm really missing my aero-latte!

As for our aparment- it is actually quite cute! We weren't looking for something long term so we didn't really have many requirements- but I'm pretty satisfied with our choice. The living room is a nice size and it has adorable pale yellow walls with thick crown molding. There is also a big window ledge in the front room that is perfect for my plant collection.

The bathroom and kitchen are tiny but Steve and I are learning how to dosey do around eachother when trying to fill up our mugs and get out the door in the morning. And we are learning how to deal with the kitties waking us up at the crack of dawn wanting to play!!!! I feel bad that they don't have a whole lot of space to run around when feeling friskie- but I just have to remind myself that this is only temporary! So far no luck on the house hunting end- but I think come March more things will pop up on the market (fingers crossed)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend <3

Oh and here's a little sneak peak at a new adventure I'm pursuing...

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