Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day: montessori style

So better late then never...

here's how we're celebrating Valentine's Day in the classroom...

Practical Life shelf (left to right, top to bottom) tonging heart erasers, sorting colored hearts, transferring glass hearts, eye-dropper work, spooning sequins, pouring-pitcher to cup (with pink sand!), cutting veggies

sewing heart valentines!

 cutting out hearts- the child traces the line with scissors and opens it up for surprise!

 heart pattern matching (I made this in power point- just copy and paste the hearts and add different colors/borders/textures- make 2 copies- cut one set out and laminate)

(heart bracelet: paper heart punch outs, red pipe cleaners, puncher and pad.  Pick out 6 hearts, punch hole in center and lace onto pipe cleaner)

heart dot painting: cut out heart on card stock, laminate and re-cut out heart- makes an instant, customized stencil!
 draw-your-own penguin (not Valentine's Day related- but oh so cute!)

<3 enjoy

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